Success Driven Project Management Approach to Project Planning and Performance Analysis

Even meticulously planned projects can fail. Even a seemingly good going project with a realistic 
baseline and well-maintained schedule, can spring unpleasant surprises on stakeholders. The reason? 
Unfortunately, often it is not the ‘unknown unknown’, but inappropriate controls and consecutive failure 
to make corrective actions in the timely manner. 

Pruab del Test

Project monitoring and control processes allow the management team to understand how the project goes and 
execute appropriate corrective and preventive actions to maximize its performance. Thus, good control over the 
project exists when the information regularly gathered about the project’s performance is of high quality, 
appropriate for the management needs, and the project management team is capable of carrying out the 
decisions made on this information. In the authors experience, in many projects, especially large-scale and 
mission-critical ones, the project management team often has enough power and resources to significantly 
influence the project in many ways, however when certain decisions are carried out they are often belated or 
simply far from best, or both. 

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