Creando Valor para la Planificacion Confiable de Proyectos

Somos nuevos Partner de Intaver Institute

RiskyProject Reseller

Intaver Institute announces the addition of Ingeniería de Planificación PLANING SAS from Barranquilla – Colombia to our growing network of Value Added Resellers. Ingenieria de Planificación PLANING SAS is a project engineering consulting company that offers comprehensive services and solutions within the framework of the Project Management Value Chain. These services span the initial definition of the corporate strategy to the estimation of Project Costs and Value Engineering, as well as to budget analysis and management tools for planning, execution, control and evaluation of Projects and risk management. Planing SAS has a team of Engineers and Administrators with more than 22 years of experience in the Industrial, commercial and public sectors; in the design, analysis, implementation and engineering of Value in construction projects; and, civil infrastructure and specialized consulting.

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